Winter Olympics Host of 2022, 2026 & Upcoming Olympics Location & Venues


Here in this post, we discussed the winter Olympics 2022 as well as also talk about different sports like ice skating Olympics, ice hockey Olympics, skateboarding Olympics, and ski jumping Olympics. Which will be the winter Olympics 2026 location and which is the winter Olympics 2026 host. There are lots of Olympic games winter list games. Might be you heard Olympic games Beijing 2022. So state tuned in this Olympic champions winter games.

The Origin of the Winter Olympics :

Here most of us are confused that there are different types of Olympics like Summer and Winter. Then what will be the difference between this two? And which is The Origin of the Winter Olympics. Which are the different Olympic headquarters for this. First, this Winter Olympics was organized as an international competition involving winter sports but after the birth of the modern Olympics in 1896 which was known as the Nordic Games. This competition included athletes predominantly from Nordic countries (such as Norway and Sweden).

Winter Olympics
Winter Olympics

So there are some big countries that will take part in this Winter Olympics. Now in 2024 Rome, Hamburg, Paris, Budapest, and Los Angeles will take part in this Winter Olympics. There are some of you can consider an Olympic history. Below you find Olympic games history. And a brief overview of Olympic games 2024.

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All Winter Olympic Games :

Here we provide all the different winter Olympics sports. Because there are lots of games played in this winter Olympics. Below you find the winter Olympics medal table. Because in this Winter Olympic different countries take part and show their players skills. If you are confused related to the Olympic games winter and summer then first read the above topic. Here you find the Olympics all games which will be played in this event. Also provide Olympics athletics name with Olympics and Paralympics.

Winter Olympics
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Bobsleigh
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Curling
  • Figure Skating
  • Freestyle Skiing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Luge
  • Nordic Combined
  • Short Track
  • Skeleton
  • Ski Jumping
  • Snowboarding
  • Speed Skating

Above all are the Olympic games and winter sports which will be played during this event. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is not a Winter Olympic it will be a Summer Olympics. There are different Olympic flags with different Olympic games lists. So below you find all the Olympic upcoming events as well as the next Olympics schedule. Now if you don’t know about Olympics history. Below you find the Olympics years and host country.

Details Information Of Winter Olympic Games :

Now here we provide all the countries win a different medal. So it’s called an Olympics medal count. Because in this skeleton winter Olympics not much county takes part. So there will be a limited county taking part and also Olympics champions name you find.


Upcoming Winter Olympic Games Venue & Features :

Now as the topic suggest here you find Olympics host countries with different Olympics upcoming venues. Above you get all the Olympic medal count. Up to Olympic games winter 2030 hos county announced so you get till that information. And we all know ice hockey at the Winter Olympics is most of favorite sports. Olympics 2022 was held in Beijing. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is play in 2021 due to Covid 19 pandemic. Now winter Olympic schedule has also been announced. So let’s revise it. Here you can’t find Olympic symbol but very soon we update with Olympics football winners.

YearHost cityCountryDates Held
2026Milan and Cortina d’AmpezzoItalyFebruary 6–22
2022BeijingChinaFebruary 4-20
2018PyeongChangSouth KoreaFebruary 9–25
2014SochiRussiaFebruary 7–23
2010VancouverCanadaFebruary 12-28
2006TorinoItalyFebruary 10-26
2002Salt Lake CityUnited StatesFebruary 8-24
1998NaganoJapanFebruary 7-22
1994LillehammerNorwayFebruary 12-27
1992AlbertvilleFranceFebruary 8-23
1988CalgaryCanadaFebruary 13-28
1984SarajevoYugoslaviaFebruary 8-19
1980Lake PlacidUnited StatesFebruary 13-24
1976InnsbruckAustriaFebruary 4-15
1972SapporoJapanFebruary 3-13
1968GrenobleFranceFebruary 6-18
1964InnsbruckAustriaJanuary 29-February 9
1960Squaw ValleyUnited StatesFebruary 18-28
1956Cortina d’AmpezzoItalyJanuary 26 – February 5
1952OsloNorwayFebruary 14 – 25
1948St. MoritzSwitzerlandJanuary 30 – February 8
1936Garmisch-PartenkirchenGermanyFebruary 6 – 16
1932Lake PlacidUnited StatesFebruary 4 – 15
1928St. MoritzSwitzerlandFebruary 11 – 19
1924ChamonixFranceJanuary 25 – February 5

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