NBA Schedule 2022 With NBA Updates & FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Full Information


Here in this post, we discussed the FIBA basketball schedule and also the different world cup basketball winners lists. Below we provide different FIBA world cup qualifiers. So we all know that there are different FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup and FIBA Boy’s Basketball World Cup. So we also discussed that. So if you are also a fan of the national basketball association (NBA) then also guide you.

What is Basketball FIBA World Cup 2023 :

Now here we discussed FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. Because we all know the previous FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 is going to be very interesting. And also we hope that upcoming FIBA basketball world cup 2023 host was very fantastic. You might know that FIBA 2023 where will be host but if you don’t know then don’t worry we can also provide that. First, let’s go to some interesting facts about the FIBA basketball world cup 2019. If you know basketball is the national game of which country then tell in a comment. Now as a brief idea in basketball number of players in each team there are total 5 players.

2019  China
Wukesong Arena, Beijing


Wukesong Arena, Beijing

Now from the above table, we can see that the FIBA world cup 2019 host by Chine, and basketball best player is declare very soon. There are multiple big basketball champions leagues announced this year we will provide that information very soon.

4  Australia
5  Serbia
6  Czech Republic
7  USA
8  Poland
9  Lithuania
10  Italy
11  Greece
12  Russia
13  Brazil
14  Venezuela
15  Puerto Rico
16  Dominican Republic
17  Nigeria
18  Germany
19  New Zealand
20  Tunisia
21  Canada
22  Turkey
23  Iran
24  China
25  Montenegro
26  Korea
27  Angola
28  Jordan
29  Cote d’Ivoire
30  Senegal
31  Japan
32  Philippines

Above all listed team are taking part in FIBA world cup 2019. So might be you create your favorite basketball fantasy team and if you are big fans of basketball fans then might be you know about basketball match time, Best basketball players and if you are don’t know about them then don’t worry we provide all the basketball match time and basketball court in details. So draw your basketball lineup with your selected basketball best team.

Details Of Basketball Game :

If you are a fan of basketball but don’t much know about the basketball game and basketball ground the below are some basic quick overview. But you are know that basketball originated in which country? In basketball game time there are total of 12 quarters of 4 minutes. So be ready for the basketball live score today match. Below you find the attachment of FIBA women’s basketball world cup qualifiers lineup.

Court aspectDimensions
Playing area4520.43ft²
Playing area (including run-offs and sidelines)7290.5ft²

There are also different terminology in basketball grounds and also all terms have different sizes.

Court markingDimensions (yds)
Baseline and end line16.4yds
Centre circle3.93yds diameter
Three-point line7.38yds from the basket
Free throw line3.93yds, 5.03yds from the backboard
Free throw circle3.93yds diameter
Free throw lane lines/key5.33yds x 6.33yds

What is Basketball NBA :

Here the other big-league is the NBA lineup. And it is the best NBA tournaments in basketball. So here we share some quick overview related to the national basketball association like who is the national basketball association brand ambassador and where is the national basketball association headquarters. SO headquarters of NBA BAsketball is in New York, United States. And the brand ambassador of the NBA is star Ranveer Singh. So we all know them. So full form of the NBA full form is National Basketball Association.

This basketball live score NBA is start from Nort America. And also NBA schedule 2022 was released. So we also below provide them. Which NBA team take part in that. But starting of the NBA there is a total of 30 teams attending that league. First NBA news is known as National Basketball America but after that, this name will be changed. This NBA is an active member of USA Basketball.

The association’s few global as well as individual group workplaces are coordinated off of its mind workplaces in Midtown Manhattan, while its NBA Entertainment and NBA TV studios are coordinated out of workplaces situated in Secaucus, New Jersey. In North America, the NBA is the third richest elite athletics association after the National Football League and Major League Baseball by income, and is among the main four on the planet.

Basketball Venue :

Here we provide 2 main league venues and both league is might be this year or you can be considered it as an upcoming league whenever it happens. You might be see this venue in basketball online. Here you find world cup basketball and basketball NBA live score schedule.

  • FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023:

NBA Schedule 2022 :

Here we provide NBA standings with the schedule. Because now very soon NBA news today released very soon and there are different fanbases of this NBA league. Very soon we provide national basketball association teams name which is take part from different countries. So be ready with your basketball lineup today.

  • NBA League :

Aug. 2: Teams can begin negotiating with free agents (6 p.m. ET)
Aug. 6: Teams can begin signing free agents (12:01 p.m. ET)
Aug. 8-17: MGM Resorts NBA Summer League in Las Vegas
Sept. 28, 2021: Training camp begins
Oct. 19, 2021: Regular season begins
April 10, 2022: Regular season concludes
April 12-15, 2022: Play-In Tournament
April 16, 2022: Playoffs begin
June 2, 2022: NBA Finals begin
June 19, 2022: Game 7 of NBA Finals (if necessary)
June 23, 2022: NBA Draft

Atlanta HawksState Farm Arena
Boston CelticsTD Garden
Brooklyn NetsBarclays Center
Chicago BullsUnited Center
Cleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage FieldHouse
Charlotte HornetsSpectrum Center
New York KnicksMadison Square Garden
Philadelphia 76ersWells Fargo Center
Trononto RaptorsScotiabank Arena
Detroit PistonsLittle Caesars Arena
Indiana PacersBankers Life Filedhouse
Milwaukee BucksFiserv Forum
Miami HeatFTX Arena
Orlando MagicAmway Center
Washington WizardsCapital One Arena
Golden State WarriorsChase Center
Los Angeles ClippersStaples Center
Los Angeles LakersStaples Center
Denver NuggetsBall Arena
Minnesota TimberwolvesTarget Center
Oklahoma City ThunderChesapeake Energy Arena
Portland TrailblazersModa Center
Utah JazzVivint Arena
Phoenix SunsPhoenix Suns Arena
Sacramento KingsGolden 1 Center
Dallas MavericksAmerican Airlines Center
Houston RocketsToyota Center
Memphis GrizzliesFedEx Forum
New Orleans PelicansSmoothie King Center
San Antonio SpursAT&T Center

FIBA Basketball World Cup Winners List :

Here we get all the winners lit of FIBA. Because if you support your team then you also know where your team wins FIBA. You can also be considered as a FIBA live stats. So get your whole FIBA basketball world cup winners list.

YearHost CountryWorld ChampionSecondThird
1974Puerto RicoUSSRYugoslaviaUSA

So now above you find all the winners of this FIBA. By the way, FIBA full form is the International Basketball federation. Still not released any world cup basketball qualifiers so we update this post with world cup basketball live score very soon. Till that you can search about basketball live score of NBA because at this time basketball live match is start. Below you find all the FIBA women’s basketball winner list.

2018SpainUSAAustraliaSpain22.09 – 30.09
2014TurkeyUnited States of AmericaSpainAustralia27.09 – 05.10
2010Czech RepublicUnited States of AmericaCzech RepublicSpain23.09 – 03.10
2006BrazilAustraliaRussiaUnited States of America12.09 – 23.09
2002ChinaUnited States of AmericaRussiaAustralia14.09 – 25.09
1998GermanyUnited States of AmericaRussiaAustralia26.05 – 07.06
1994AustraliaBrazilPeople’s Republic of ChinaUnited States of America02.06 – 12.06
1990MalaysiaUnited States of AmericaYugoslaviaCuba12.07 – 22.07
1986Soviet UnionUnited States of AmericaSoviet UnionCanada08.08 – 17.08
1983BrazilSoviet UnionUnited States of AmericaPeople’s Republic of China24.07 – 06.08
1979KoreaUnited States of AmericaKoreaCanada29.04 – 13.05
1975ColombiaSoviet UnionJapanCzechoslovakia23.09 – 04.10
1971BrazilSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaBrazil15.05 – 29.05
1967CzechoslovakiaSoviet UnionKoreaCzechoslovakia15.04 – 22.04
1964PeruSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaBulgaria18.04 – 04.05
1959Soviet UnionSoviet UnionBulgariaCzechoslovakia10.10 – 18.10
1957BrazilUnited States of AmericaSoviet UnionCzechoslovakia13.10 – 26.10
1953ChileUnited States of AmericaChileFrance07.03 – 22.03

NBA Winners List & Runner Up :

Now here we said that you can wait for the world cup 2023 till that we can discussed NBA scores live and with NBA scores with winner list and runner up.

1947Philadelphia Warriors4–1Chicago Stags
1948Baltimore Bullets4–2Philadelphia Warriors
1949Minneapolis Lakers4–2Washington Capitols
1950Minneapolis Lakers4–2Syracuse Nationals
1951Rochester Royals4–3New York Knicks
1952Minneapolis Lakers4–3New York Knicks
1953Minneapolis Lakers4–1New York Knicks
1954Minneapolis Lakers4–3Syracuse Nationals
1955Syracuse Nationals4–3Fort Wayne Pistons
1956Philadelphia Warriors4–1Fort Wayne Pistons
1957Boston Celtics4–3St. Louis Hawks
1958St. Louis Hawks4–2Boston Celtics
1959Boston Celtics4–0Minneapolis Lakers
1960Boston Celtics4–3St. Louis Hawks
1961Boston Celtics4–1St. Louis Hawks
1962Boston Celtics4–3Los Angeles Lakers
1963Boston Celtics4–2Los Angeles Lakers
1964Boston Celtics4–1San Francisco Warriors
1965Boston Celtics4–1Los Angeles Lakers
1966Boston Celtics4–3Los Angeles Lakers
1967Philadelphia 76ers4–2San Francisco Warriors
1968Boston Celtics4–2Los Angeles Lakers
1969Boston Celtics4–3Los Angeles Lakers
1970New York Knicks4–3Los Angeles Lakers
1971Milwaukee Bucks4–0Baltimore Bullets
1972Los Angeles Lakers4–1New York Knicks
1973New York Knicks4–1Los Angeles Lakers
1974Boston Celtics4–3Milwaukee Bucks
1975Golden State Warriors4–0Washington Bullets
1976Boston Celtics4–2Phoenix Suns
1977Portland Trail Blazers4–2Philadelphia 76ers
1978Washington Bullets4–3Seattle SuperSonics
1979Seattle SuperSonics4–1Washington Bullets
1980Los Angeles Lakers4–2Philadelphia 76ers
1981Boston Celtics4–2Houston Rockets
1982Los Angeles Lakers4–2Philadelphia 76ers
1983Philadelphia 76ers4–0Los Angeles Lakers
1984Boston Celtics4–3Los Angeles Lakers
1985Los Angeles Lakers4–2Boston Celtics
1986Boston Celtics4–2Houston Rockets
1987Los Angeles Lakers4–2Boston Celtics
1988Los Angeles Lakers4–3Detroit Pistons
1989Detroit Pistons4–0Los Angeles Lakers
1990Detroit Pistons4–1Portland Trail Blazers
1991Chicago Bulls4–1Los Angeles Lakers
1992Chicago Bulls4–2Portland Trail Blazers
1993Chicago Bulls4–2Phoenix Suns
1994Houston Rockets4–3New York Knicks
1995Houston Rockets4–0Orlando Magic
1996Chicago Bulls4–2Seattle SuperSonics
1997Chicago Bulls4–2Utah Jazz
1998Chicago Bulls4–2Utah Jazz
1999San Antonio Spurs4–1New York Knicks
2000Los Angeles Lakers4–2Indiana Pacers
2001Los Angeles Lakers4–1Philadelphia 76ers
2002Los Angeles Lakers4–0New Jersey Nets
2003San Antonio Spurs4–2New Jersey Nets
2004Detroit Pistons4–1Los Angeles Lakers
2005San Antonio Spurs4–3Detroit Pistons
2006Miami Heat4–2Dallas Mavericks
2007San Antonio Spurs4–0Cleveland Cavaliers
2008Boston Celtics4–2Los Angeles Lakers
2009Los Angeles Lakers4–1Orlando Magic
2010Los Angeles Lakers4–3Boston Celtics
2011Dallas Mavericks4–2Miami Heat
2012Miami Heat4–1Oklahoma City Thunder
2013Miami Heat4–3San Antonio Spurs
2014San Antonio Spurs4–1Miami Heat
2015Golden State Warriors4–2Cleveland Cavaliers
2016Cleveland Cavaliers4–3Golden State Warriors
2017Golden State Warriors4–1Cleveland Cavaliers
2018Golden State Warriors4–0Cleveland Cavaliers
2019Toronto Raptors4–2Golden State Warriors
2020Los Angeles Lakers4–2Miami Heat

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